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Visiting artist to the Herbarium

On Wednesday we had a visitor the herbarium-Moira Carter. She is an artist who has worked on the Iraqi Flora Project at Kew Botanic Gardens. The previous day I had gotten out a variety of unusual looking seed pods for … Continue reading

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Hidden Gem

I just got back from the most amazing place: The Firs Botanical Grounds. The grounds are part of the university and are located behind Owen’s Park in Fallowfield. Not many people, myself included are aware this place exists. This is … Continue reading

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Lunchbreak Drawings

It’s my last week in the Herbarium for a while. Next week I’ll be moving to the Entomology department. Very excited.¬† I’ve started drawing during my lunch breaks. I love keeping visual records of specimens- and while I can take … Continue reading

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I was minding my own business by looking through the carpological specimens for an upcoming workshop (more on that another day), when I opened one of the dried fruit drawers and found this: It’s a good thing I knew what … Continue reading

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A few days ago, biscuit beetles were found on some of our herbarium sheets. We found a mixture of live and dead beetles and their frass¬† on a folder filled with Jerusalem Artichoke sheets. The sheets were from the Leo … Continue reading

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Training week at the Natural History Museum

What an exciting week! We learnt and experienced so much that there is no way I can show you all the photos I took and type up all the information I absorbed, but here are some highlights. Our host was … Continue reading

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Materia Medica

Today a jar of plant material came back from the conservation department. It was going to be used in the Living Worlds exhibition but was pulled at the last minute. The jar came from the pharmaceutical part of the herbarium … Continue reading

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