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My new blog is up.

You can find it here. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as you have this one! Advertisements

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Insect Memories

Friday was my last day in the Entomology department as a funded HLF biology curatorial trainee, so I decided to photograph some neotropical specimens. Dmitri still wants me to come back as a research volunteer to work on the Dermaptera … Continue reading

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Mathematical, Mysterious Cicadas

The photo above is a picture I took last year in Belize of a molted cicada skin. This is the husk the insect leaves behind as it finally emerges as an adult insect after its long life cycle. Despite the … Continue reading

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Reptiles galore

Here’s a photo post, demonstrating one aspect of the diversity of creatures in Belize. Juvenile Ctenosaur or Spiny Tailed Iguana: A fully grown one sunning: Iguanas are everywhere in Belize: Elegant headed lizard spotted on a night hike we did: … Continue reading

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