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Condition reporting- A glimpse at the birds

As part of my training plan, I will be learning to repair bird taxidermy. First of all, however, I need to write up condition reports of the damaged taxidermy in the zoology stores.¬† A condition report is a document that … Continue reading

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The mystery notebook

A few weeks ago while everyone else was on holiday, I was looking through library material in the herbarium. There were some boxes with loose correspondence and old register sheets in them. However, one box contained a tiny notebook. When … Continue reading

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I was minding my own business by looking through the carpological specimens for an upcoming workshop (more on that another day), when I opened one of the dried fruit drawers and found this: It’s a good thing I knew what … Continue reading

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A few days ago, biscuit beetles were found on some of our herbarium sheets. We found a mixture of live and dead beetles and their frass¬† on a folder filled with Jerusalem Artichoke sheets. The sheets were from the Leo … Continue reading

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Training week at the Natural History Museum

What an exciting week! We learnt and experienced so much that there is no way I can show you all the photos I took and type up all the information I absorbed, but here are some highlights. Our host was … Continue reading

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Drawing at the Grant Museum of Zoology- What can we learn from representations?

I’ve been in London for about a week, and spent two days at the Grant Museum. As someone who is interested in scientific illustration, I was pleased to see one of the volunteers, Janet, drawing specimens there. I chatted with … Continue reading

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