The Question

Any curator that has worked with taxidermied natural history specimens has had the trinity of questions thrown at them from curious members of the public (mostly from the populace under the age of ten):

1.) Is it real?

2.) Is it dead?

3.) Can I touch it?

David Craven has an excellent blog post on the subject, so I won’t reattempt an explanation here.

At some point I will be going on a taxidermy course and will experience firsthand how to create one of these pieces. Maybe it might even answer some questions I have.

Taxidermy by comic book artist Roman Dirge


About Gina Allnatt

I have just finished a year long traineeship as a Biology Curator at Manchester Museum. I am currently a research and curation volunteer in the Entomology and Botany departments. -Gina Allnatt
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2 Responses to The Question

  1. David Craven says:

    Cheers for the recommendation. Everyone should attempt their own answer though!

    • I plan to! I just feel I might be able to answer better after attempting taxidermy myself.

      I was surprised how many children each had the same questions about a taxidermied fox I was wheeling through the corridor one day. One child even said “it was mean” that the fox was dead.

      I think it’s harder to explain taxidermy to children than it is to adults.

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