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The Question

Any curator that has worked with taxidermied natural history specimens has had the trinity of questions thrown at them from curious members of the public (mostly from the populace under the age of ten): 1.) Is it real? 2.) Is … Continue reading

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Materia Medica

Today a jar of plant material came back from the conservation department. It was going to be used in the Living Worlds exhibition but was pulled at the last minute. The jar came from the pharmaceutical part of the herbarium … Continue reading

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dot dot dot…

Tomorrow I will be travelling to Sheffield for my Zooarchaeology course. I will be on extremely limited funds but I’m trying not to think about that at the moment. The course will involve sexing, aging and identifying¬†¬†animals through the study … Continue reading

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Thoughts on curation

Since I started my curatorial traineeship at the Manchester Museum, I have been asked by several people who know me (and some that don’t) what it is a curator actually does. The word curator means “keeper or custodian of a … Continue reading

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