The Bryophyte Project

There is a mezzanine in the herbarium. This is where the moss collections are stored:

Currently, many of the moss collections are unsorted and need to be put into more accessible storage facilities. This will be my task for the next few months.  There are many boxes  of unsorted specimens like this:

packets of British mosses

They need to be sorted through to make sure they are in the right categories and numbered accordingly. Surprises keep popping up as I sift through them. For example, there are a few liverworts that have been mistakenly put in with the moss collections. (Mosses and liverworts are both bryophytes).

the liverwort pile

Inside a moss packet:

There are thousands of specimens that need sorting and digitising so that the information is accessible to scientists, students and anyone who is interested in studying bryophytes. A big part of a curator’s role is to make sure this information is available so that the collections can be used to learn more about the natural world and our relationship with it.


About Gina Allnatt

I have just finished a year long traineeship as a Biology Curator at Manchester Museum. I am currently a research and curation volunteer in the Entomology and Botany departments. -Gina Allnatt
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One Response to The Bryophyte Project

  1. Karohemd says:

    Wow, it looks like you have a big but also exciting job ahead of you.

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