Botanical models

I have started working in the Manchester Museum herbarium, which is a fascinating place filled with many different kinds of specimens. Not all of the objects in the herbarium were once living specimens. Some of them, such as Robert Brendel’s botanical models have their own kind of history.

Robert Brendel was a German modelmaker who (along with his son, Reinhold) built hundreds of botanical models in the late 19th century at their workshop in Berlin. The models have been used all over the world in universities, museums and other educational establishments.

Model of a cuckoo-pint

The models were made out of a variety of different materials such as paper mache, wood, gelatine and even cotton and feathers.

Model of a cornflower

These amazing models are still used today to teach university and secondary school students and are a useful tool for learning about the structure of plants.

About Gina Allnatt

I have just finished a year long traineeship as a Biology Curator at Manchester Museum. I am currently a research and curation volunteer in the Entomology and Botany departments. -Gina Allnatt
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2 Responses to Botanical models

  1. These are immense. I wanted one until you mentioned how pricey they are…

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